Tools for Communities

by Jacky

Tools for Digital Spaces

Given that there are so many different types of digital spaces, I wanted to explore how different tools are supporting and facilitating different sorts of digital human interaction. Can we use urban planning to help us plan digital spaces ?

The hope is to be able to move away from the ‘feed’-based model of browsing the social internet and to create safe spaces to interact at different scales.

The “feed”–an archaic form of content consumption that is effectively just a direct visual manifestation of the data structure that powers it – is a medium that is effectively designed to be consumed alone. –Humphrey Obuobi

Town Square

Many-to-many relationships like clubs, families, larger interest groups.


  1. How do we ensure that people feel connected in large groups and find what they are looking for?
  2. Should communities be gated or public? Does this matter?
  3. How do we moderate content while ensuring individuals feel safe?


Parasocial Relationships

One-to-many ‘broadcast’ relationships.


  1. How do we ensure these relationships are healthy for all parties involved?
  2. Should content be moderated in this relationships? Is this the responsibility of the individual, the platform, or the viewer?


Private Channels

Spaces for one-to-one interaction.


  1. Almost all of these mediums are on a sliding scale of how ‘realtime’ the medium is, yet none of them are obsolete. Why is that?
  2. Who has power in the channels? What tools are there for safety?


Interactive Graph